Today's episode discusses depression. It's a serious word, but what does it really mean and how does it relate to the absent father wound.
I also share my experience of going through a deep depression, how I dealt with it and what I learned from it.
Ultimately, depression can be access to our biggest leaps of growth and development.


Our Super Powers: Intuition, Empathy and Safety

Our Super Powers: Intuition, Empathy and Safety

In this first installment of taking a look at the superpowers that you create along the way as a result of growing up as absent or distant father, we dive into the superpowers of intuition, empathy and safety.
You might call it intuition or a deeper intelligence where you're able to connect the dots between people's current experience and other experiences. It's an ability to see behind the scenes. 
We also look at empathy. From our heartbreak we have a special ability to understand the depth of another person's experience, to really get and connect with other's experience. 
Finally, we look at the safe space that we create. For some reason, people seem to open up to us. 
Look for future episodes to dive into more of our super powers. 

Joy and Celebration

In this episode, we discuss joy and celebration. We talk about how those of us who grew up with absent or distant father have a very reasonable relationship to joy and celebration.

The idea is that when we "make it" or when we actually do something good enough, then we will have time to enjoy it and it will be worth celebrating. The problem for us is that whatever we do is never good enough and being that whatever we do is never good enough, there is also not much reason to celebrate.

The problem is that joy and celebration are crucial to creating sustainable success and a life without joy and celebration just plain sucks.

Forgiving Your Absent Father

This is a wide ranging conversation about forgiveness, pain and healing. We talk about the number one access point to forgiving our fathers and others who we feel have caused us great pain. 

We wade into deeper issues in the world today including the #metoo movement, opioid crisis, mass shootings and how it's an opportunity to start a real conversation about pain, dysfunction and true forgiveness, with empathy as the key access point.

We also discuss what it looks when we don't forgive, when we operate on top of our pain versus lovingly addressing it.

Money = Safety

In this episode we talk about money and how those of us who grew up with an absent or distant father quickly learn to equate money with our safety. We talk about the devastating impact of relating to money in this way, some of the ways it looks, the strategies we employ to protect ourselves and the possibility of creating a new relationship to money.

Building Community

Community and creating healthy relationships are the topics we explore in this episode. Key to having a community is the practice of being in community. We'll take a look at creating community, how we sabotage community and the beautiful possibilities when we allow ourselves to show up just the way we are.