Phase 1: Be

This phase is about elevating your state of being, it’s about connecting you to who you are in your essential greatness (tangibly and intangibly), free from limiting beliefs, the internal critic and the survival mechanism. This is essential to your power and effectiveness, without this shift you will be limited in what you can create by your limited perception of what’s possible for you and in the world.

Core concepts covered here include: Clearing Exercise, Essence, Survival Mechanism, Acknowledgement, Wellbeing, Self-Awareness Practices, Assessments.

Phase 2: Know

This phase is about bringing this new state of being into the real world and places a heavy emphasis on designing your projects. In this stage, you will learn new tools, frameworks and exercises designed to implement transformative change in your life. Here you will learn to bring concepts, new learnings and awareness to life. Your dreams and possibilities will move from ideas to action plans.

Core Concepts covered here include: Declare and Fulfill, Heavy Emphasis on Project Design, Completion

Phase 3: Do

This phase is about execution, moving forward and producing results. This phase is also about addressing the obstacles that will show up along the way and breaking through. In some ways, this is where you begin to hit your stride and begin actualizing the plan that you have set out for yourself. The focus is on experimentation, stretching the comfort zone and making progress on your project areas. 

Core Concepts covered here include: Project Design, Completion, Addressing Breakdowns, Creating Breakthroughs, Results Focus, Time and Integrity, Leadership Skills